Cedric Rexo, Founder of Le Rexo.

" My entry into interior design and furniture-making business in 2003 happened quite by chance. Long captivated by stories and images of Asia, i first moved to China to satisfy my curiosity about its culture. In 2003, i purchased an apartment in Shanghai and began hunting for furniture to decorate my new home, with a touch of my own personality. I soon realized that it was impossible to find beautiful furniture, custom made, with excellent craftsmanship, and even harder to find good decoration objects and services. For me, the solution was simple. Interior design and Furniture making had always been a hobby for me anyway, so i decided that i’d make my own. Le Rexo was born.

  It is now a fully-fledged business with clients (individuals and professionals) coming from as far as Europe, USA, China etc… The success of Le Rexo is a combination of four different factors: personalized service, tailor made furniture, quality and personal advices .

Our wooden furniture are handcrafted, unique, 100 percent organic and custom made. Each piece can be designed to fit the specific needs of each customer.

  We pay as much attention to looks as we do to function to create appealing, distinctive designs that are definitely not casual interior designs.

  After years of experience, and understanding better my customers, what they want, what they need, what they like, i have decided to launch my own private collections, called LRX by Le Rexo.

"Le Rexo's versatility is apparent in its traditional, contemporary and casual styles." - City Weekend magazine.

One last thing. I have always been very sensitive to the energy surrounding me, no matter where i am, therefore  i believe that we should always  advise our customers on how to change the energy, or  how to get the best energy from the place they live or work in.



China 中國,France 法國,USA 美國,Singapore 新加坡,Germany 德國,Sweden 瑞典,Italy 義大利,Brasil 巴西,Switzerland 瑞士,Japan 日本,England 英國,Argentina 阿根廷,Norway 挪威,Netherlands 荷蘭,Belgium 比利時, Russia 俄國, Canada 加拿大, Korea 韓國.