Details make the difference

Hand Made + Tailor made

Our Made to Order furniture are 100% wooden furniture, we do not use MDF or similar materials.

Meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom-selected materials combine to create furniture with a classic sensibility in form, finish and function. The luxurious designs can include precious woods.

Seats (Any size - Any color)

Dining tables (Any size - Any color)

Coffee tables (Any size - Any color)

Side tables (Any size - Any color)

Others (Any size - Any color)

Our made to order furniture are chemical-free.

China 中國,France 法國,USA 美國,Singapore 新加坡,Germany 德國,Sweden 瑞典,Italy 義大利,Brasil 巴西,Switzerland 瑞士,Japan 日本,England 英國,Argentina 阿根廷,Norway 挪威,Netherlands 荷蘭,Belgium 比利時, Russia 俄國, Canada 加拿大, Korea 韓國.