Get a quotation first


How to get a quotation

1- Note the reference of the furniture.

2- Note the dimensions of the furniture (if you completely change the original dimensions of a piece, our team will help you redesign it and will advise you on how to keep it in a nice design)

3- For each furniture, note your choice of colors and/or materials references (after choosing paint or varnish, do not forget to mention the brightness). Click here

4- Send us your file (PDF,JPEG...) with all your notes and your delivery address to:

Is it about Your own furniture?

- You are a professional and have designed specific contemporary furniture?

- You've seen amazing old or antique furniture at a friend's place and you'd like to have the same ones at home?.

Send us your drawings or pictures with sizes and colors to get a quotation.



Make your order

Very simple.

1- After getting our quotations, send us an email if you'd like make your order.

2- You will receive your receipt and method payment.

3- We will launch the production as soon as we'll have received your payment.

4- Delivery will be confirmed by email (we ship all around the globe).

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