Whether you have a distinct taste, or a unique space that needs custom design pieces, from East to West, modern, classic, design, innovative, we will help you get anything made, according to your needs, life style and character. Our factory in China is able to produce any kind of wooden furniture, no matter style, size and color. Made to order and tailor made, those custom made furniture are hand crafted , therefore each piece is unique. Meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom-selected materials combine to create furniture with a classic sensibility in form, finish and function. The luxurious designs can include precious woods.

We can ship furniture all around the world. 

Details make the difference.

Any style, Any size, Any color.

China 中國,France 法國,USA 美國,Singapore 新加坡,Germany 德國,Sweden 瑞典,Italy 義大利,Brasil 巴西,Switzerland 瑞士,Japan 日本,England 英國,Argentina 阿根廷,Norway 挪威,Netherlands 荷蘭,Belgium 比利時, Russia 俄國, Canada 加拿大, Korea 韓國.