My entry into interior design and furniture-making business in 2003 happened quite by chance. Long captivated by stories and images of Asia, i first moved to China to satisfy my curiosity about its culture. There i got married. In 2003, my wife (Echo) and i began hunting for furniture to decorate our home in Shanghai, with a touch of our own personality. We both soon realized that it was impossible to find real efficient interior decoration services, and even harder to find beautiful furniture, custom made, with excellent craftsmanship. For me, the solution was simple. Interior design with Furniture making, atmosphere and surrounding energy has always been our hobby and specialities, so i decided that we’d have to do something. Le Rexo was born. We are now based in Hong Kong for the Asian market, and France for the European market.   It is a fully-fledged business with clients (individuals and professionals) in Europe, USA, China etc… The success of Le Rexo is a combination of four different factors: personalized service, tailor made furniture, quality and personal advices .We pay as much attention to looks as we do to function to create appealing, distinctive designs, that are definitely not casual interior designs. Very sensitive since my childhood to the energies that surround us, surround people, homes and objects, I am particularly concerned about everything that goes "beyond our sight". I advise our clients who so wish, on the changes to be made.

機遇巧合讓我在2003年进入到室内设计和家具制造行业。长期以来,我一直被亚洲的文化和故事所吸引,为了更好的接近和了解亞洲,我從法國來到了中國上海工作及生活,在那里遇見了我的愛情並結婚了。2003年,我和我的妻子(Echo)开始寻找家具来佈置我们在上海的家,我們希望尋找带有我们自己个性的家具及家居用品,但我们俩很快意识到,要找到可以量身定制的,工艺精湛,個性鮮明的漂亮家具非常困難,要找到真正有效並了解我們需求的室內造型服務更是不可能。对我来说,解决方案很简单,因為室内设计,空間造型,家具製造,環境能量一直都是我們的爱好及專長,所以我决定我们必须為此做点什么。於是, Le Rexo公司就這樣誕生了。另外,由於我從小就對我們周圍的能量非常敏感,圍繞著人、家和物體,我特別關注“我們視線之外”的一切。因此,我會為客戶提供有關環境建築與住戶的能量場建議。我们的公司总部位于香港和法國,面向亚洲市场和欧洲市场。我們的家具工廠設於中國內地。如今,LE REXO已成为一家成熟的企业,在欧洲,美国,亞洲,中国等地拥有來自世界各地的客户(包括个人和专业公司及團隊)。LE REXO的成功在于四个不同因素的结合:个性化服务,量身定制的手工家具,質量和個性化設計服務。我们關注外观,也同時在意功能。我們結合東西方不同文化的視角和審美,希望為我們客戶创造出不同尋常,個性化的,定製式的引人注目的独特设计。

Graduated from TongJi university with over twenty years experience, interior decorator, furnishing and rearrangement consultant, she has understood how to make our customer's dream come true. With her good communication skills and the ability to explain her vision, she works with a number of different spaces, from rental properties like AirBnB to houses, hotels, restaurants or offices, she creates living spaces that match their owner's personality. She has the temperament of an artist, and it is not possible for her just working on a computer with one specific software that provides more or less almost the same designs over and over again, no matter the customer. Echo enjoy using materials like wood, fabric, pictures and drawings to express and show our customers her ideas of design and decoration. As a true and passionate designer, she helps our customers to get the right colors, the perfect shapes, beautiful decoration objects and ornaments. She will advise and help her customers to mix and put all of that together at the right place. She creates, she innovates, she initiates a new design for each one of our customers, with design and decoration that will completely fit their ideas, personality and style.

Echo毕业于中國知名大學同济大学,拥有二十多年室內設計和空間造型的经验。作為室內造型師的她,為我們的客戶提供家具佈局和裝飾擺放的建議和幫助。她懂得客戶,也了解和明白如何幫助客戶完成梦想。凭借良好的沟通能力和精確的規劃及設計能力,她為私宅,出租房产,酒店,餐厅,办公室等许多不同的空间工作,并创造出与空間主人个性氣質相符的環境空间。她具有艺术家的气质和良好的審美品味。對她而言,設計並不是用一款設計软件做設計,設計著反反覆覆,幾乎相同的方案,而從不管客戶是誰。 Echo喜欢使用诸如木材,织物,图片,靈感圖和設計樣板来傳遞和表達她的设计和装饰理念。作为一名充滿热情的设计师,她帮助我们的客户及空間获得正确的颜色,完美的造型,漂亮的装饰和各種藝術品建議。她建议并帮助我們的客户将所有这些混合并擺放到最正确合適的位置。她创造,创新,为我们的每个客户,每一個項目都做著全新的设计。适合每一位客戶的內心,个性,风格及生活習慣而做的設計是Echo最希望做的設計。 

" One last thing. We are a team, working together with our own specificities. Echo is an artist, having a perfect sense to match colours design and shapes, always able to stay in line with the requirements of each client . As for me, i have always been very sensitive to energies surrounding us, coming from people, objects and places. I provide advice so that everything is in perfect harmony, our customers and their environment, the places they want to live or work in. The goal is to make a place as peaceful and relaxing as possible, whatever the place*.

No matter where we are, we always pay attention to details, and make sure that our customer's place will not only look good, but also feel good."

“LE REXO是一个团队,我們根据自己的特点进行合作。Echo是一位艺术家,用她良好的審美品味為每一個項目和客戶提供設計和造型幫助。Cédric則一直对周围的能量非常敏感,為客戶和空間提供能量提升的幫助和建議* 。請記得,无论我们身在何处, 我們都關注细节,在意品質。我們努力确保每一位客户的空間不仅看起來美观,而且也能感觉良好。”

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"Le Rexo's versatility is apparent in its traditional, contemporary and casual styles." - City Weekend magazine

“ Le Rexo的多功能性在其传统,现代和休闲风格中显而易见。” - 城市周末杂志




We speak English French Chinese

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Based in France and Hong Kong , we move between Europe and China to meet our customers and follow our projects.

Service available all over the world, face to face or through internet with videos, pictures, video conferences.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, inquiries, or if you'd like to meet us. Thank you.



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